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How exactly fastener pollution treatment?

Jul 21, 2015

Haiyan fastener powerhouse has a white Yanghe, originally it crystal clear, but six years ago, baiyang river began to change color, first black, then yellow again, the locals began to call it the "Yellow River" perennial river floating layer of rust evident villagers irrigated by the river, resulting in wilted vegetables, crops loss of income. The white Yanghe upstream is more than 30 standard factory, most of plant raw materials are applied hydrochloric acid pickling rust, then lime and hydrochloric acid, and then the liquid chemical reaction will occur into the sewer network .

We know that after soak rust with hydrochloric acid from raw material, into a "divalent iron" in the liquid. However, when a liquid containing divalent iron after extraction flows into sewage pipes, the subject oxidation reaction will be "ferric" forms. "Ferric" It is yellow. Why is that crops will wither it? Wang Haiyan, Zhejiang light that the Environmental Protection Agency, and in the process produced a *** of calcium, which is a high salt content of the material, the culprit is probably *** calcium. "Salt water is too high, lead to dehydration irrigation plant." (