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Metal spiral wound gasket stress and deformation relationship

Jul 21, 2015

Curve represents the two pads during stress and deformation of the people and what the figure corresponding amount planted in spring preload to compression of the gasket and the time when the work of a spoon. Visible, any form of gasket seal, it must first have some preload stress between the gasket to be joined with the gasket sealing surface surface deformation characteristics of its size and assembly of pre-compression gaskets and gasket relevant, and its distribution and modification where the pad shim gasket stress Figure 1-2 deform the geometry and the relationship between the cross-section and flange deformation related.

In theory, the gasket preload stress, the greater the gasket elasticity pale storage capacity, thus the ability to compensate for loose flange separation and links are also stronger, but in practical use, pre-shim reasonable structure and stress the value of tight sealing materials, sealing requirements, environmental factors, life and economic and other relevant