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Plastic steel properties and uses

Jul 21, 2015

20 The steel is low carbon steel, low strength, toughness, ductility and weldability are good, mainly used for the cavity is simple, small production volume of plastic, use of anti-printing method of manufacturing a mold, and then carburizing quenching and tempering processing, high hardness and wear appearance obtained, the center toughness, good mold. It is one of the largest of several 20Cr alloy structural steel of current production, is very versatile than 20 steel has good hardenability, moderate strength and toughness, after carburizing treatment with high hardness, wear and adequate corrosion resistance, as the use of plastic mold steel with 20 steel 45 high strength steel is our country and good machinability, heat treatment after properly, get a certain toughness, ductility and resistance grindability, convenient source of material, usually after after quenching, the manufacture of plastic mold, plastic mold steel in China is currently the most widely used steel.