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With a full understanding of everyone under the graphite gasket

Jul 21, 2015

Graphite gaskets are in the petrochemical and other projects using the gasket, it facilitates people to piping and valve seal, which is resistant to corrosion and pressure makes it the material of choice for people. Therefore, it is better than ordinary pads wider range of applications, the better!

In many projects, people often use the pipeline for transport, the pipe joints and valves need something to act as gaskets, in real production and processing enterprises, often used shims are corrosion-resistant, because, not afraid of acid-base even long-term corrosion in damp, dark environment nor the volatility of the product to be able to meet the engineering needs. But many of the materials are not able to meet this demand, but with the exception of one product is capable of satisfy, that is graphite gasket.