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A Detailed Description Of A Combination Washer

Jul 21, 2015

A rubber ring and metal ring integral vulcanization bonding, is used to seal the annular seal threaded and flanged ring comprises a metallic ring and a rubber gasket. Metal ring rust treatment, rubber band commonly used rubber or oil Ding *** *** rubber. Combination pad metric and imperial two sizes, a standard JB982-77 specified combination of metal pad and pad combination of rubber. A combination of gaskets for threaded fittings and sealing plugs, it is generally and card sets of pipe joints used together to block ports, mainly for face hydraulic valve fittings threaded connections static seal for the United Kingdom, the United States Standards inch thread and France, face German standard metric threaded connections static seals. A combination of gaskets according to the structure can be divided into A, B type; depending on the plastic bag can be divided into all-inclusive, half a pack.