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Flat Washers Should Be How To Choose

Jul 21, 2015

No matter the kind of gasket, in harsh environments, want to ensure effective sealing effect for a long time, need to have the following eight important characteristics.

Tools / materials Gasket Selection

Flat washer, gasket.

Step / methods


Sealing system for media, the gasket leaks can not occur within the recommended temperature and pressure of work some time.


Contact surface gaskets and flanges after connecting bolt can be in good agreement, in order to ensure the seal.

Creep resistance

Shims under the influence of pressure and temperature loads, the creep resistance to be better, or else return to cause the bolt torque loss, resulting gasket surface stress decreases, so hard gas system leak.

Chemical resistance

The gasket should be chosen from corrosion chemical medium, and not contaminate the media.


Even in the system stable condition, two flanges connected on the temperature and pressure will certainly exist elasticity small displacement, the gasket should be able to compensate for this displacement, to ensure the system's tightness.