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Often Flat Washers Standard Hardware

Jul 21, 2015

Chang-standard hardware company was founded in 2008, specializing in cold-rolled steel ring with high-speed mode of production no glitches and broken corners flat washer, the main customers are large domestic foreign in the domestic market with scrap, to produce a single die with flat washers in automatic screw sleeve machine use, due to flat burrs and broken corners on the washer, automatic screw wear pad machine on and artificial sleeve machine, can not play to the advantages of automated equipment, often standard hardware began to study how to do flat pad no burr, how to do it will not be broken corner, only use steel with automatic mode can be done, think of to do, but the price is a little on the large size high, high-end customers as long as the quality is good, there are environmental reporting, material certificates , inspection reports can accept small size it, because automatic mode, high yield, good quality, the price is no more than a single die (scrap) is high, there are still many customers to understand the situation to the Division I purchase flat washers.