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The Introduction Of Multiple Advanced Detection Equipment Fastener

Jul 21, 2015

To fully protect the quality of products, the company first introduced the optical effect of multiple screening machine for screening pad. The detection speed can be up to 1500 per minute, which greatly products screening efficiency. While taking advantage of the high light-transmissive glass washer may be defects such as burr eccentric and so can be detected. Thus greatly ensure the quality of the products. Our company is specialized in the production of metal washers, stainless steel washers of production-oriented enterprises. It has the industry's most advanced equipment more than 50 units, using the most advanced technology and the most advanced management models, the annual production capacity of 5,000 tons. Products used in machinery, hardware and other fields to meet the demand for products power, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery and other fields. Products in accordance with international standards of production, varieties are: American, German-made, Japanese, British, legal, Australia system and other international standards and non-standard custom.