Washer Extractor Dryer SXT-H Series

Washer Extractor Dryer SXT-H Series
Product Details

College, university, enterprise, laundry, high level hotel, apartment, economical hotel, social welfare site, barge, beauty parlor.
Short introduction:
This is new commercial multiple washer combining with washing extracting and drying.
Computer automatic control, LCD display, human operation dialogue interface, and presetting a lot of automatic wash program and simple manual operation interface is allowable.
Frequency conversion for speed adjusting to ensure stable and durable for machine.
Water level, water temperature, washing speed, water input and water output can be selected, setting time for every phase.
Equipped with bottom tank of depositing water for keeping and recycling water usage, effectively save water consumption and take from running cost.
Equipment is with electricity-heating and drying function, compact and reasonable structure to save other device addition and reduce occupation area.